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Use Online Help to Write Your Admission Essay

Using an admission essay service can help you improve or even create the necessary document to complete your admission to a college.


Writing an admission essay might seem simple, but it’s not. Unlike many essays where the topic is about knowledge and courses taught at school, this paper is about the student itself. In this essay, the teenager has to explain to the admission officer why he should be accepted as a student in  particular college.

The admission essay needs to be based on the instructions presented by the college. The rest of the paper has to reflect the teenager’s perspective and his reasons for applying to that certain college.

So, without any further ado, here is a short guide on how to write an admission essay using online help.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Defining Violence Focus on Physical Harm


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The issue of defining violence has brought a lot of concern as there is no clear definition since many reflects biasness, inconsistencies, and ambiguity. The term violence is one of the universal scourges that threaten life, happiness, and also the health of all people. One way of defining violence is to consider the effects such as physical harm. Other definitions focus on violence as a cause of mental, social, material, and psychological damage and injuries. There may be many definitions based on different social philosophers, and this paper primarily focuses on violence as the cause of physical harm to an individual or group of people. Therefore, there is need to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of such definitions. The disadvantages encountered necessitate other factors that should be considered when defining violence. Such factors include: violence as a cause of material, a psychological and social effect on an individual or group of people. Continue Reading

The Godfather-Film Analysis

The Godfather-Film Analysis

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The formalist theory is one of the styles that an avid viewer can use to analyze, interpret, and understand a film. The theory looks at the structure and form of the movie to deduce meaning. It uses internal evidence and focuses on their style and design. An ordinary viewer can get the message put across by a film by looking at the moral of the story that might be obvious for everyone to see. However, formalist theory tries to unearth the implicit content that is not apparent to an ordinary viewer. The theory evokes emotions by using various system designs such as lighting, sound, and costume to pass a message. We are going to employ this method to analyze the film, The Godfather. Continue Reading

Review of Marketing Article (Strategic Management)

BUS 3525

Professor McGriff

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Review of Marketing Article (Strategic Management)


Creative technological innovations have enhanced and promoted the way business is done. The advent of computers and the internet have greatly improved efficiency in business transactions and transformed business marketing, making a crucial functional nerve as a component of marketing strategy. The social media have also massively impacted marketing strategies providing an online platform for advertising and brand promotion thus facilitating transactions through various company websites. The internet, therefore, remains a significant tool for conducting market research to improve customer experience. Continue Reading

Risk Consultant

Risk Consultant

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Crouhy, Galai & Mark (2000) defined risk assessment as the systematic examination of a job, task or process carried out at work for several purposes. One of the purposes is to identify the present hazard of the process, task or job. Another purpose is to decide the appropriate step to take so reduce the risk identified and also to decide the full control measure to be employed so that the risk can be reduced. Continue Reading

Answer for discussion topics.




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Lesson 4 Discussion

Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is an independent non-governmental and non-profit organization that was established to promote the responsibility of managing the world’s forest. In 1993, FSC rolled out the first green wood certification in the world. Continue Reading